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There’s a word that wakes our spirits,

Lifts our thoughts on high,

Where St. Ursula’s own emblem

Sparkles in the sky.

As on to the Pole Star pointing

Bright shines the Bear.

She doth point the way to Heaven,

Leads our footsteps there.


And the badge that shows our motto

Shall be ever dear

And for God we’ll serve our neighbor

His own image here.

‘Serviam’ shall be our watchword,

Marching on we’ll sing,

Battling ‘gainst the pride of Satan,

Serving Christ our King.

Battling ‘gainst the pride of Satan,

Serving Christ our King.

All St. Angela has taught us,

We will strive to do.

She shall be our guide and mother,

All our whole life through.

She will know us for her children,

Ursulines we’ll be

Holding fast the cross that takes us

On to victory.


Storm or cloud will not dismay us.

We will do and dare

When it’s dark, we’ll just remember

That the stars are there.

If we fail, we’ll rise unconquered;

Set our armor right;

Hope and love will heal our bruises

Faith will win the fight.



Mother of all that is pure and glad,

All that is bright and blest,

As we have taken our toil to thee,

So will we take our rest.

Take thou and bless our holiday,

O Causa Nostrae Laetitae.

Airs that are soft and a cloudless sky,

We would owe all to Thee.

Speak to Thy Son as Thou didst of old,

That feast day in Galilee.

Tell Him our needs in Thine own sweet way,

O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.

Be with us, Mother, from morn till eve,

Thou and Thy Blessed Son,

Keep us from all that is grief to you,

‘Till the weeks and months are run.

Thine be we still, when grave or gay,

O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.

Keep us in all that is blest of God.

Give us the joys that endure.

Lips that have smiles and words for all,

Hearts that are kind and pure.

So wilt Thou be by night and day,

O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.

Come when earth’s tears and smils are o’er,

Mother of peace and love.

Show to us Him who is joy to earth,

And joy to the hosts – above.

So shall we laugh in the latter day,

O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.

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