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The Serviam Badge is a symbol of all Ursuline schools worldwide. Although St. Rose's is now a government school and is therefore no longer an Ursuline school, the Ursuline badge was never changed, and the following is an explanation of its meaning.

It bears a field of stars [the constellation Ursa Minor, in which the Pole Star lies], signifying the Eternal Heavens to which we must aspire. The Little Bear “Ursus” recalls St. Ursula, patroness of Christian Education and special patroness of Ursuline Schools.

Just as the light from the Little Bear leads up to the brighter light of the Pole Star, so Ursuline Education helps students to the knowledge of Truth, here symbolised by the Pole Star, and it is Truth which will guide students on their path through life.

The Ursuline badge bears a cross - whence comes all grace into the world, to remind students that all blessings of God flow from the Redemption.

The colour Green represents the virtue of hope, the colour Silver reminds students to be sincere in all that they do.

The word “Serviam” (I will serve) expresses loyalty to Christ, and a desire to serve Him.

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